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Mid-America to Introduce the MagicBox Interactive Display System


Mid-America Business Systems will be introducing a new interactive display technology at the 2017 Minnesota Library Association conference in Rochester, MN October 5-6. MagicBox fuses traditional display cases and digital signage with actual hands-on experience. Physical objects can be securely displayed and combined with video and 3D animation to enhance the understanding of their functionality and history. […]

Public Safety Storage Checklist

Evidence Lockers

  Public Safety Storage Checklist   ControLoc for Temporary Evidence Storage The Situation Chances are your customers have some kind of locker system for officers to deposit packaged evidence to be processed and put into longer term storage elsewhere at your facility. But what do they do when your evidence technician notices a mistake in […]

Modula Vertical Carousel


  The Modula VC consists of carriers that rotate vertically and deliver stored goods to the operator at an ergonomic height. Our vertical carousel is the perfect solution for a variety of storage needs such as tooling, document filing, and industrial hardware all with these common goals: increasing productivity, saving space, and improving ergonomics.  

ActivRAC 16P


                Generate more revenue per square foot, by having your inventory occupy a small footprint within your facility. 100% increase in storage capacity, in the same footprint! Or double your storage capacity using the same footprint of static storage. Add additional product lines without adding a new building. 16,000 lbs […]

ScanPro Innovations in Microfilm Scanning

Innovations (002)

The ScanPro microfilm scanner was featured on the Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. TV Show.The segment which aired on Saturday, May 27, 2017 on the Fox Business Channel showed how ScanPro systems are making it easier to work with valuable documents archived on microfilm. ScanPro provides easy access to to records while creating high quality electronic images […]

Modula USA

Modula Globe Authorized Dealer logo

  Modula is the leading world wide manufacturer of automated storage technologies. The Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) utilizes the full ceiling height of your facility and maximizing the storage potential. Items are stored up to 46′ high, in a safe, secure unit and automatically delivered to the operator. 

Why Choose Modula

Made in USA Flag Logo

Modula is the only VLM manufacturer and supplier to produce and support units here in the U.S.A., built in Lewiston, Maine Modula VLM’s offer standard tray sizes 51.18″ – 161.41″ and load capacities from 441 to 2,200 lbs. per tray. Modula processes adhere to international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Units are […]



Spacesaver teamed up with the architect of the Seattle Public Library to create this compacting kiosk for a retail shop located in the library’s atrium. Spacesaver provided the carriage-and-rail system that allows the shelving units to open and close, and the architect specified locally-sourced millwork for the shelving and cabinetry.   The carriages’ smooth operation […]



Hospitals, dialysis clinics, cancer treatment centers, and other healthcare facilities must store large quantities of pre-formulated medical solutions for patient treatment. This St. Louis hospital installed a Wheelhouse® system in its dialysis unit, allowing staff to store more containers in the same amount of space. The system provides smooth and reliable carriage operation, even load […]



Automatic sprinklers are common fire suppression safeguards, but when they’re activated—either in response to an actual fire or as the result of a malfunction—extensive water damage can result.   A number of clients have asked Spacesaver’s engineering team to design water deflection systems to protect stored items. These systems are custom designed and manufactured to […]

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