Helping a museum save time, money, and natural resources

The construction of a new addition provided a large natural history museum with the opportunity to upgrade shelving for its ichthyology collection. The collection would need to be housed in a temporary location during the lengthy renovation and construction project.

This posed a challenge: the temporary location had tall ceilings, but the permanent location would have lower ceilings and would be fitted with high-density carriages.

Museum staff worked with the local Spacesaver consultant to design a shelving solution that would meet the needs of the collection and also overcome the project’s logistical challenges.

Museum Trays


Improving efficiency and organization in a university hospital

A university hospital’s food service storage area was cramped and crowded, with dry goods and non-perishable foods stored on wire shelving with casters. Staff often needed to roll several shelving units out of the way in order to reach the items they needed. They were also running out of space in the storage area, which was located in a basement with no room to expand.

When the storage area flooded during a hurricane surge, management saw an opportunity to completely re-think their approach to storage.

Eclipse Mobile

Modula Vertical Lift Module Advantages

It’s Time to Look UP! and come UP with a better solution.

The Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM) utilizes the full ceiling height of your facility thus

maximizing the storage potential. Items are stored up to 46′ high, in a safe, secure unit and

automatically delivered to the operator.

Think Vertical, Think Modula. Up to 90% of floor space recovered

The Freestyle Bread Board Bench

The Freestyle® Bread Board Bench was an engineered-to-order (ETO) product created as a solution for lack of space in the personal locker rooms at the East Mesa Detention Center in San Diego, California.
Sunday Pearl, formerly of Spacesaver Intermountain, first came up with the idea for this solution. Spacesaver Corporation used her idea to develop the concept of this innovative locker component. Spacesaver Intermountain assisted Spacesaver in improving their initial prototypes, resulting in the final Freestyle® Bread Board Bench and the final product was installed at East Mesa this spring.

The Challenge:

• Very limited space
• San Diego County had added personnel, thus needed to increase the number of locker openings they had available
• The county wanted to increase the width of the lockers from 12” to 18” to fit storage requirements
• Needed to fit more lockers that required a wider footprint in the same size locker room


• FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers with a bench that could retract into the locker frame
• Spacesaver tested the bench for weight load, and sent a prototype to Spacesaver Intermountain for feedback to improve the retractable bench prior to installation


• The Freestyle® Bread Board Bench allowed the Detention Center to retract the bench when not in use and extend when needed
• The retractable Bread Board Bench reduced the depth of each locker by 12”, allowing the department to fit more rows of lockers into the locker room, meeting the requirement for number of lockers needed
• An increased number of locker rows, allowed the detention center to increase the width of their lockers to fit storage requirements
• The strong Bread Board Bench has more than a 600 lbs load capacity

Bread Board 2



Keeping large protective suits secure and organized 

Spacesaver is proud to help protect military personnel and their gear, and our in-house engineering teams and custom manufacturing capabilities enable us to create secure solutions that go far beyond standard locker options. These capabilities are particularly important when creating storage solutions for large, expensive bomb suits and dive suits.

Keeping gear organized and secure is essential because the suits’ effectiveness is compromised—and the wearer’s life is put at risk—if even one component is missing or damaged. And because the suits and accessories can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the military needs to protect its investment from loss, damage, or theft.

Large Locker Storage

Modernizing a university’s mail room

Modernizing a university’s mail room
Reducing response times and improving customer service

As online shopping has grown in popularity, campus mail rooms have been overwhelmed with shipments from retailers to students. Rooms that were designed to store letters and small packages now need to accommodate boxes that contain everything from clothing and electronics to appliances and furnishings.

The resulting space crunch has led to frustration for staff and students: boxes can pile up, leading to disorganization, long wait times, and concerns about valuable parcels getting lost or stolen.

After struggling with storage issues for years, staff at this university’s mail room decided they needed to make a fundamental change.

MA Mobile          University_Mailroom_1118_News MABS

Modula VLM – Subaru of New England

S NE BuildingSubaru of New England, Norwood MA – Case Study:


Subaru of New England serves 64 Subaru dealers throughout New England. Dealer’s parts orders are required quickly to serve clients and service needs. Parts orders are sent to Subaru of New England, who must pick them quickly and accurately and then have them delivered to the dealers the next morning.

Previously parts were stored and picked out of a horizontal carousel system, which occupied too much floor space, was too inefficient and presented ergonomic risks when having to access parts. In addition, picking accuracy was in need of improvement as workers had to search within the carousels to find the correct parts needed. These reasons led Subaru of New England to choose a state-of-the-art vertical storage & picking system to complement their new facility as it was under construction. 

Solution: Modula was selected to help Subaru of New England achieve their goals and improvements needed for their parts storage and picking operations. A total of 9 VLM units are used to store a wide range of parts. The system is engineered to provide Subaru of New England within excess of 11,000 unique storage locations across the 9 Modula units. Subaru of New EnglandS NE Front


Sterile Supply Storage

Sterile Supply Storage
Keeping surgical instruments clean, organized, and accessible

The sterility of surgical instruments can make the difference between life and death, so nurses and other staff need to efficiently pack, store, and retrieve surgical kits in a way that keeps instruments clean and organized. At the same time, hospital space is at a premium: every foot that’s taken up with storage is space that could be dedicated to patient care.

Sterile storage

Movable work table

Movable work table
Improving efficiency and protecting collections

This private museum’s collection includes movie props, costumes, and scale models, as well as framed posters, paintings, and first-edition books. Because the objects are delicate and vary widely in size, staff often need to construct custom housings to protect them. Staff also prefer to work as close to the objects’ storage locations as possible.

Lacking an effective workspace, the collections managers told their local Spacesaver consultant about their desire for a large, movable, all-purpose work table. They wanted compartments to store projects in progress, and they also wanted drawers for cutters, materials for making conservation mounts, and other supplies.

Movable work table

Counter-height reference ‘desks’

Counter-height reference ‘desks’

Shelving doubles as work surface in a university library

When this university built a new library and learning center, the planning team wanted to provide researchers with convenient “desks” among the reference stacks. But to save space, they wanted to avoid the need for tables and chairs in the area.

The local Spacesaver consultant worked with the university and the project architect to design a solution that:

  • Serves a useful function
  • Saves space
  • Integrates with the library’s interior design

By specifying counter-height cantilever shelving and casework that coordinates with other design elements throughout the library, the consultant created built-in “stand-up desks.”

Counter height reference desk