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Compacting Reserve Desk

Compacting Reserve Desk

Secure storage for library materials A growing number of university libraries are staying open 24 hours a day to meet increased student demand for study areas and collaboration space. Because circulation desks typically aren’t staffed around the clock, libraries need a secure way to store materials that have been requested for pick-up. For this library […]

Modula – Vertical Lift Module

3 Lifts Int Bay 4322

The easiest way to boost Warehouse Productivity and make your business grow. Modula provides the most advanced Vertical Lift Modules in the market, designed to improve your picking operations and the whole warehouse management, with an incredibly fast return on investment. Explore our best solutions for your business. Contact us TODAY!  

4-Post ‘Cabinet’ in Widespan

4 Post Cabinet in Wide Span

Protecting and organizing a museum’s conservation supplies Conservators at this museum needed to store large pieces of foam and archival paperboard, as well as pre-constructed archival boxes, rolled foam, and other supplies. They also wanted part of the storage area to be lockable. They chose Spacesaver’s RaptorRAC® Widespan Shelving for its spacious dimensions, durability, and configurability. […]

Ballistic Panels for Evidence Lockers

Ballistic panels 1

Protecting law enforcement personnel from accidental weapons discharge While accidental weapons discharges in law enforcement facilities are rare, the incidents can be serious, sometimes resulting in serious injury or death. Weapons collected as evidence pose particular risk because officers might not be as familiar with the operation of evidentiary weapons as they are with weapons […]

Locking Library Carts

Locking Library Carts

Helping a library create a safe and flexible space. The Seattle Public Library’s unique architectural design is visually stunning, but one seemingly simple task — changing light bulbs — was extremely difficult to accomplish in the library’s soaring atrium area. The sockets are 50 feet above the floor, so the library’s management team realized that […]

Wire Basket Drawers

Wire Basket Drawers

Improving organization and efficiency with space-saving visible storage Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving can be fitted with wire baskets on drawer extensions to create efficient, easily accessible storage for many types of gear. This solution simplifies inventory while also facilitating storage and retrieval. To gain even more space savings, the shelving and drawer systems can be placed […]

Wheeled Cabinets in a Teaching Museum


Moving artifacts between classrooms and collections area A museum had a fleet of counter-height Viking cabinets fitted with casters. The resulting carts keep artifacts organized while in transit between classrooms and the collections area, and removable doors facilitate transfer between the large and small cabinets. “You can open up a cabinet, pull out the appropriate drawers for a […]

Tall Medical Carts

4 Post Taller Cart image_2160

Flexible storage solution protects valuable assets. Variations of cart types. 4 Post solid structure or Cantilever with wire baskets, WRX carts.    Hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities need to store a variety of consumable and non-consumable supplies and equipment, and these items come in all shapes and sizes. The Los Angeles health care center […]

LEVPRO in a sports arena


Maximizing storage space under arena seating Staff at the Bob Devaney Sports Center at the University of Nebraska need a lot of supplies to maintain the facility in a way that keeps student athletes safe and also creates a fun and festive atmosphere for fans. Behind the scenes, the arena’s storage areas were overcrowded but […]

Modula VLM – Earnhardt Lexus

E Lexus Front View

Modula’s VLM solution for Earnhardt Lexus Problem: The automotive parts used for vehicle repairs as well as for retail sales to clients were stored in traditional shelving and on multiple levels to accommodate the volume of parts needed to serve their clients. Parts persons had to walk and search for the needed parts each time […]

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