1) Since 1976, Mid-America has been working with organizations to create cost-saving and innovative ways to manage their information, documents, and materials. We deliver quality products and support services.

2) Document Imaging: Digital access and distribution of information.

3) Material Handling: Simplifying Material Handling Needs

4) Office Systems: Accurate and accessible records management.

5) Managed IT & Maintenance Services: Great service for great products to keep you operational.

6) Packaging & Printing: Custom packaging solutions from concept to reality.

Automate your dual processes with Enterprise Content Management. Reduce costs, increase security and meet compliance requirements.

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Mid-America offers Enterprise Content Management software solutions and Document Scanning Services along with Document and Microfilm Scanners to meet your information management needs. Improve your Business Process Automation.

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Document Scanning Services
  • Document Scanners and Microfilm Systems


Would 90% savings in materials storage space and inventory shortage as low as .2% help your your bottom line?

Would increasing the time available for your employees to work on the most productive tasks improve the efficiency of your organization?

Let the material handling experts at Mid-America show you how this may be possible. Select one of the following categories for more specific solutions information:

  • Material Handling
  • Modula Material Handling Systems and Solutions with Intuitive Software
  • Spacesaver Material Handling Systems


Solutions for effective and cost-savings records storage including automated filing systems, high-density movable shelving, rotary files, computer tape storage products, software records retrieval systems and more.

  • Office Systems
  • Spacesaver Office Systems
  • Modula World USA


In today’s fast-paced business climate, it is essential that hardware and software systems experience maximum up-time. If great service does not accompany great products, then increased productivity or efficiencies may not be realized.


Mid-America offers Packaging; Design, Sampling, Testing, Distribution, Kitting and Fulfillment for custom packaging needs.