Packaging & Printing

Custom packaging solutions from concept to reality

Mid-America offers Packaging; Design, Sampling, Testing, Distribution, Kitting and Fulfillment for custom packaging needs.


Allow us the privilege to engineer the best packaging solution for your products.

Whether you require a specific design for point of purchase packaging in a retail environment or the design of protective packaging that will stand up to the abuse of a shipment across the world, we can offer working solutions and cutting edge designs that will meet or exceed your expectations.


Our package engineering team is more than capable of taking your ideas and designing them into a live sample which will allow you to see firsthand, how your product will fit and deliver to the end user.  This will show you the final packaging solution prior to manufacturing a large press run quantity.



The testing process of a new packaging design is vitally important and critical to your marketing and distribution operations. This important step will provide a needed level of assurance that your products will arrive without damage and present the highest level of marketing of your products.




We understand that you may not have the required warehouse space to store your packaging at your facility. We offer multiple levels of offsite distribution support and services for your important packaging needs.

By utilizing our warehouse, we can partner with you to eliminate shortages, perform value added operations and services and 100% quality inspection of your packaging prior to delivery. We have well-defined processes to ensure the highest level of packaging in the industry.

Kitting and Fulfillment

Our team of professionals can offer light assembly and fulfillment services that will enable you to meet your commitments for distribution. Whether it is plastic, foam, corrugated or solid fiber packaging, we can help you properly kit or fulfill and distribute to your clients.