Enterprise Content Management

Gain Instant Control of Your Business Processes Utilizing Software Tools to Recognize, Track, Route and Archive Your Information


Since 1998, Mid-America Business Systems has been implementing and supporting OpenText ApplicationXtender Content Management Software, allowing our customers to convert paper processes to electronic content management.

ApplicationXtender is:

  • Easy to install and learn how to use
  • Flexible in designing content management to meet your needs
  • Affordable and cost effective

ApplicationXtender Modules and Functionality

  • AX Connector-Software Integration Module
  • Information Rights Management
  • Media Distribution
  • Mobile Computing
  • OCR/Full Text Search-xPlore-New
  • Office 2007/2010 Integration
  • Reason Codes
  • Records Retention
  • Reports Management
  • SecureStore Document Encryption
  • Workflow Manager

MetaMobil provides access to information stored in your OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX) system via smartphones and tablets using the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms:

  • Support for both AX Native or MS Windows Security
  • Execute new/saved AX Queries
  • Email AX Documents
  • View Document Revisions
  • Export Document as PDF
  • Create new Documents from Photos, Camera or other Apps
  • Create new Check Out / Check In / Versioning – Library controls


Work Smarter with Business Process Automation

Create automated procedures to increase operational efficiencies and provide complete visibility of transactions using Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software.

  • Easily design electronic forms that initiate a process
  • Capture data from the form and upload it to your line of business software
  • Automatically launch a workflow and electronically move through the decision making and approval process
  • Archive the completed document(s) for retrieval with the proper retention
  • Utilize database retrieval of your archived records either direct from Laserfiche or integrated to your existing software
  • Utilize auditing and reports to assure all work is processed correctly and on time


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