Electronic Forms

Leave Paper Behind by Using Electronic Forms

ECM Toolbox

E-Forms Wizard for OpenText ApplicationXtender


The ECM Toolbox E-Form Wizard is an interactive application with a user interface that guides you through business processes such as new account opening, new employee on-boarding, or any process that uses several forms to complete a given procedure.The Wizard uses E-Forms to replace multiple hardcopy forms through business rules logic.

These  E-Forms function as templates consisting of data fields. Each space or blank on the form or check box becomes a data field. As the form is completed, data is entered into each field. The resulting data can then be pushed to any CRM, ERP, or other Line of Business application.  Forms become archived in OpenText ApplicationXtender for retrieval and retention purposes.


PDF eForms Connector for ApplicationXtender (AX)

The PDF eForms Connector for OpenText ApplicationXtender allows you to easily map online E-Forms PDFs so they can be completed and submitted directly to AX.

By leveraging Adobe Pro you can create dynamic forms that import directly to ApplicationXtender using PDF eForms Connector.

Your Business Analysts and End Users can create PDF-fillable documents that submit directly to ApplicationXtender with no Technology Department assistance. The PDF eForms Connector for AX is an Enterprise License Server module.

PDF eForms Connector Provides:

  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Unlimited Number of Forms
  • Extremely Low Cost
  • Easy to Create and Use Forms
  • Complete forms without direct access to ApplicationXtender





  • Design and create electronic versions of paper forms
  • Publish and manage forms’ security
  • Complete forms online or offline and submit anytime
  • Distribute forms and send notifications
  • Output data to other systems
  • Archive forms to OpenText ApplicationXtender

Advantages of Formatta Forms

  • Shorten cycle times by electronically capturing data
  • Improve service to customers and employees by easily tracking, maintaining and responding to demands and requests
  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual, duplicative paper forms-based processes
  • Support “green” paperless-based initiatives

Disadvantages of Paper Forms

  • $22.5 billion is spent on pre-printed paper forms per year
  • It costs businesses $150 per form to process

Formatta Mobile Solutions

Eliminate Boundaries

An average business loses $20,000 per year searching for lost files, copying and distributing forms