Display Solutions


MagicBox is an interactive display cabinet that merges the physical and the digital, creating fascinating new ways of presenting original and animated content. MagicBox can provide more digital information for your exhibits at the fingertips of your visitors, including videos, photos, books and 3D models, providing a true hands-on experience.

MagicBox uses a special transparent touch-screen that is incorporated in the front glass of the display case. Print publications, usually limited to a look-only display spread, will now be fully tangible at the fingertips of the audience. Physical objects can be combined with video or interactive 3D renderings to enhance the understanding of their functionality. The MagicBox enriches exhibitions not only with additional information, but by making them truly memorable experiences.

MagicTouch Kiosk

MagicTouch Kiosk provides interactive viewing of high-resolution digital photos, videos, publications and 3D models on a 32-inch or 42-inch kiosk screen. It features a brilliant Full HD multi-touch display with a seamless all-glass surface and stereo sound.

MagicTouch Software

MagicTouch is an all new content management software that lets you easily create stunning multimedia presentations. MagicTouch is not restricted to the MagicBox or MagicTouch Kiosk. It can be used for all your touch screens. Exhibitions and digital signage installations can be freely edited by in-house staff without the need to consult (and pay) external agencies for each modification. User statistics are provided by MagicTouch to report number of users, views and views per button.