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Sterile Supply Storage

Sterile storage

Sterile Supply Storage Keeping surgical instruments clean, organized, and accessible The sterility of surgical instruments can make the difference between life and death, so nurses and other staff need to efficiently pack, store, and retrieve surgical kits in a way that keeps instruments clean and organized. At the same time, hospital space is at a […]

Movable work table

Movable work table

Movable work table Improving efficiency and protecting collections This private museum’s collection includes movie props, costumes, and scale models, as well as framed posters, paintings, and first-edition books. Because the objects are delicate and vary widely in size, staff often need to construct custom housings to protect them. Staff also prefer to work as close to […]

Counter-height reference ‘desks’

Counter height reference desk

Counter-height reference ‘desks’ Shelving doubles as work surface in a university library When this university built a new library and learning center, the planning team wanted to provide researchers with convenient “desks” among the reference stacks. But to save space, they wanted to avoid the need for tables and chairs in the area. The local […]

Evidence locker with drop slot

Evidence Locker with drop slot

Evidence locker with drop slot Saving space and maintaining the chain of custody Because evidence technicians typically don’t work on weekends and holidays, and because officers seize a lot of evidence during those times, some police departments can actually run out of compartments for temporary evidence storage. Most evidence is small, like witness statements, bags […]

Art racks for visible collections

Art Racks for Visible Collections

Art racks for visible collections. Offering visitors a glimpse behind the scenes Visible storage is an increasingly popular solution for museums and other institutions that want to maintain optimal preservation environments, while also allowing the public to view collections. For instance, this facility uses Spacesaver art racks to compactly store framed works of art. Interior […]

Retail storage for a team store

Team Store

Retail storage for a team store Doubling storage capacity and improving efficiency  Like many professional athletic teams, the St. Louis Blues hockey team has a retail store offering a variety of jerseys, hats, and other gear. Although the shop’s storage area was relatively large, the space was used inefficiently. That meant inventory was difficult to […]

Custom workstations

Custom Workstations

Custom workstations Streamlining workflows and protecting botanical specimens Spacesaver specializes in understanding clients’ needs and creating custom solutions to help achieve their goals. For instance, the Morton Arboretum in suburban Chicago needed to create an optimal long-term preservation environment for a variety of botanical specimens, including fruit collections, seeds, and flowers. Botany cabinets were the […]

Weapons workbench

Weapons Workbench

Weapons workbench Creating a maintenance work area with WeaponWRX® Storage System Weapons maintenance plays a vital role in law enforcement agencies. Keeping officers’ weapons in good working order helps ensure the safety of those officers and the general public, and routine maintenance also makes optimal use of taxpayer funds by extending the useful life of […]

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