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Refrigerated Evidence Storage


Refrigerated Evidence Storage Saving space and keeping evidence organized The city of Tucson, Arizona, purchased a former distribution center and renovated it to create a state-of-the-art evidence storage facility. Optimizing space was of concern throughout the building, and it was particularly crucial in the cold storage areas. Spacesaver provided mobile shelving systems for the facility’s refrigerator, […]

ADA-Compliant FreeStyle Lockers

PSL Lockers

Promoting accessibility in a police department’s locker room Spacesaver’s ADA-compliant FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers provide the same convenience and configurability of other FreeStyle lockers, along with right-height locks and handles.  The police department in Carbondale, Illinois, installed ADA-compliant lockers to promote accessibility.                        

Why Modula Makes Cents

Lift Internal Face left 8207

Productivity – Pick needed parts faster Accuracy – Reduce errors during order fulfillment Security – Control loss and increase Accountability Ergonomics – No climbing, bending or reaching for parts FASTEST DELIVERY IN THE MARKET You will save time and money, no delays through customs, no added costs or Tariff’s

Extra-Large Museum Trays


ETO trays and cabinet for storing bison hides Spacesaver designed and manufactured this prototype cabinet with custom-fitted trays for a Western museum that needed to store bison hides. The cabinet measures 7’ tall by 8’ wide by 7’ deep, and the trays are designed with aluminum inserts to maintain strength while minimizing the cabinet’s overall […]

Glass Drawer Tops Create Visible Storage


Secure visible storage for libraries and museums A Midwestern museum needed a secure, compact storage solution that would allow visitors to view artifacts of various sizes. Museum staff worked with their local Spacesaver representative and Spacesaver’s engineering team to create an engineered-to-order solution. Using Spacesaver’s flat file museum cabinets as a starting point, the team […]



‘Transformative’ concept maximizes space in Manhattan showroom   Häfele America Co., a manufacturer and distributor of upscale residential and commercial hardware, recently designed a new showroom in Manhattan to showcase its innovative fittings, slides, and other products. The situation presented the design team with a challenge: the new space would be smaller than the previous […]

Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

2D Lift MA 181

Standard Tray sizes available are amongst the largest in the industry, up to 161.41″ wide. WMS Software, clear detailed and easy viewing 10.5″ color touch screen.  Tray weight monitoring. Single-Level or Dual-Level Tray Delivery. Increased productivity of up to 3.5 times over static storage solutions.  Improved ergonomics and employee safety, no more reaching, bending or climbing. Increased […]

Growing Hydroponic Herbs

Hydro 1

Growing hydroponic herbs Spacesaver helps an urban farm gain 30% more space  A Manhattan entrepreneur has devised a creative way to supply urban chefs with premium ingredients: he has transformed a restaurant basement into a thriving hydroponic herb-growing business. You can work with a Minneapolis Spacesaver distributor to design an ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System layout that would maximize the available […]

Steel Tread Flooring

Steel Tread Flooring Mobile

Steel Tread Flooring Non-skid, non-porous surface in a hospital’s sterile supply area Spacesaver can manufacture Engineered-To-Order stainless steel tread flooring for use in sterile supply areas, retail settings, and any other location that requires the functionality or appearance of stainless steel tread. The solution pictured below increased a hospital’s soft supply storage capacity by 26 […]

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