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Bunk Lockers for National Guard

Bunk Lockers Nat'l Guard

Keeping personal gear organized, secure, and at the ready When National Guard members are training, they have a lot of demands on their time and attention. Worrying about their gear should be the last thing on their minds. The Minnesota National Guard wanted to provide its members with a sturdy, secure place to keep their […]

Parachute Racks with Tambour Doors

Parachute Racks with Tambour Doors

Optimizing space and security while promoting proper ventilation Jumpers trust their lives to their gear, so parachutes need to be carefully packed, stored, and secured. Adequate ventilation is a key element of proper chute storage, particularly in humid climates, as moisture build-up can result in the growth of damaging mildew and mold. The Spacesaver team […]

Textiles at a university art gallery


Saving space and preserving quilts, needlework, and other textiles Faculty and staff at the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, wanted to create the best possible preservation environment for the gallery’s textile collection. Because the collection includes pieces of various sizes, from small needlework panels to large quilts, they […]

Extra-wide compact storage

Extra Wide

Promoting organization, security, and easy access for odd-sized items Members of this Utah Air National Guard unit needed to create a better storage solution for their gear, which included ladders, bins, duty bags, and toolboxes of various sizes. They needed a system that could: Accommodate large and bulky items Stay organized to facilitate gear retrieval, […]

Improving efficiency in a design studio

Space Saving Solutions

Space-saving solutions for a major auto manufacturer When engineers, interior designers, and other design professionals are working on a design challenge, they need convenient access to materials so they can evaluate and compare potential solutions. This major automobile manufacturer’s design studio needed storage for a variety of items, from leathers and fabrics to prototypes of […]

Carts in a College Library

Carts in a College Library

Combining form and function in adaptable spaces Faculty and staff wanted to create adaptable and aesthetically pleasing spaces on the main floor of this new college library, so they opted for Spacesaver’s A-Frame carts and cantilever carts. The shelving units have the appearance of stationary shelving combined with the flexibility of wheeled carts.

A Complete Collections Care Solution

Care Solutions

Spacesaver helps a county museum improve its preservation environment A county museum in suburban Chicago had been storing its collections in retrofitted agricultural buildings. When the museum had the opportunity to move to a renovated office building in a nearby city, staff made the most of their chance to design a collections area that would protect […]

Tambour Doors for Athletic Gear

Tambour Doors Athletic Gear

Organizing and securing multiple sports in a high school addition This high school athletics department needed a better way to store gear for multiple sports, so coaches and team managers jumped at the chance to re-think their storage soon after an addition was built onto the existing high school. Security was one of their top priorities. […]

Cantilever Textile Racks in Museums

Cantilever Textile Racks

Protecting and preserving flags, quilts, and other items Spacesaver’s museum-quality textile roll storage racks provide compact storage for rolled items, including flags, quilts, tapestries, and other textiles. The racks are available in single-faced or double-faced configurations and can be directly attached to the floor, a wall, or a carriage-and-rail system.

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