Spacesaver teamed up with the architect of the Seattle Public Library to create this compacting kiosk for a retail shop located in the library’s atrium. Spacesaver provided the carriage-and-rail system that allows the shelving units to open and close, and the architect specified locally-sourced millwork for the shelving and cabinetry.


The carriages’ smooth operation allows stock to remain on the display shelving at all times, and extra stock is stored in cabinets located above and below the shelves.


Download a printable PDF with more information about this solution HERE.


Hospitals, dialysis clinics, cancer treatment centers, and other healthcare facilities must store large quantities of pre-formulated medical solutions for patient treatment.

This St. Louis hospital installed a Wheelhouse® system in its dialysis unit, allowing staff to store more containers in the same amount of space. The system provides smooth and reliable carriage operation, even load distribution, and full configurability.

Learn more about this innovative solution HERE.



Automatic sprinklers are common fire suppression safeguards, but when they’re activated—either in response to an actual fire or as the result of a malfunction—extensive water damage can result.image1


A number of clients have asked Spacesaver’s engineering team to design water deflection systems to protect stored items. These systems are custom designed and manufactured to ensure a snug fit and minimize the potential for water damage.

See two examples and learn more HERE.



WeaponWRX® is generally used to store and transport weapons in Spacesaver’s industry-leading lockers and racks, but this heavy-duty steel pegboard can provide reliable storage for a variety of other items.



One innovative installation is at Stanford University, where the sports medicine clinic needed to store about 30 pairs of crutches.


Download a printable PDF with more information about this solution HERE.

Scanning Conversion Services

Mid-America Business is the “one stop” for your scanning and imaging needs. We can handle scanning of standard documents up to legal size. We also scan large format documents such as architectural, design and road or ditch maps. Mid-America has specialized equipment to scan large books such as Deed, Mortgage and Public Meetings without endangering the spine of the book.

Converting microforms (microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards) is another specialty of the Mid-America. Converting these types of archival material allow you to keep those materials off-site secure and in the right environment AND still have instant access to the images in a high quality format available to the public.

Mid-America has been a leader in conversion services for over 25 years. Today we provide Scanning and Imaging Services:

  • Local at our Minneapolis Location
  • All work is done by Mid-America staff
  • Fully Bonded and Insured
  • Our IT staff can link the images to almost any Content Management backend system
  • Guarantee the work to meet your specifications

Product News from SpaceSaver


Spacesaver’s art racks are usually used for storage and display, but these engineered-to-order art racks serve as work surfaces for conservators and restorers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
















The racks are stored against the wall when not in use. When needed, they can be swung out toward the center of the room, providing staff with convenient access to tools and supplies while they work.


Learn more about this space-saving solution HERE.

Captiva – Intelligent Enterprise Capture

Capture documents and data more efficiently with Captiva. Build a platform for capturing information throughout your organization while reducing dependency on paper and lowering operational costs:

  • Auto classification for quick identification of document types
  • OCR extraction of data
  • Free Form recognition of documents to extract data without templates
  • Capture documents via scanning, email attachment, fax and hot folder import
  • Integrate with other databases for look-up validation
  • Barcode recognition


Link to a PDF presentation that shows how to capture documents and data more efficiently with Captiva.  Build a platform for capturing information throughout your organization while reducing dependency on paper and lowering operational costs:

  Click on image to link to the Captiva presentation
For more information contact:
Al Slayton
VP-Document Imaging
Mid-America Business Systems
(612) 378-3800 x218