Saving space and tracking inventory
Innovative solutions for pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries

Pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries are highly regulated retail environments where tracking inventory is of vital importance. In addition, space is at a premium in retail spaces. Spacesaver offers several solutions to save space and keep inventory organized.

NEW PRODUCT Day use lockers

Day use lockers in Manhattan

Offering aesthetics, peace of mind, and optimized space

The design team for this activity-based workplace needed to create an appealing office environment while also optimizing expensive square footage in the heart of Manhattan.

The perimeter of the new office featured shared workspaces with large windows and views of Times Square and the surrounding area, and the corridors and work areas toward the building’s core also needed to be bright and welcoming.

Modern shelving, timeless character

Modern shelving, timeless character
Wood-clad steel shelving in the Library of Congress

Library furnishings need to meet modern expectations, even when they’re located in historic buildings. That was the case in this reading room in the Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress.

Materials stored in the room are changed out frequently, so the librarians wanted the convenient adjustability of steel shelving. They also wanted the shelving to blend in with the room’s historic character, so they worked with their local Spacesaver consultant and with Spacesaver’s Joint Projects team to design a solution.

Why Choose Modula

  • Modula is the only VLM manufacturer and supplier to produce and support units here in the U.S.A., built in Lewiston, Maine
  • Modula VLM’s offer standard tray sizes 51.18″ – 161.41″ and load capacities from 441 to 2,200 lbs. per tray.
  • Modula processes adhere to international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Units are TUV-GS approved for safe operation in the workplace.

More space for soldiers

More space for more soldiers
Right-sized lockers save space and make room for growth

Spacesaver consultants are experts in space optimization, and they can often save clients the expense of new construction by re-thinking how areas are used and designing solutions that are a better fit for the space that’s available.

That was the case at an Idaho National Guard unit where soldiers were using lockers that were worn out and too small to accommodate their gear.

Military Lockers

Modula – Vertical Lift Module

3 Lifts Int Bay 4322The easiest way to boost Warehouse Productivity and make your business grow.

Modula provides the most advanced Vertical Lift Modules in the market, designed to improve your picking operations and the whole warehouse management, with an incredibly fast return on investment. Explore our best solutions for your business. Contact us TODAY!


Double Lifts 192Modula Lift Internal Lights 8375Static Shelving vs Modula Lift

Helping a library improve patron services

Modern Technology in Library Stacks
Helping a library upgrade to meet patrons’ needs

Libraries are constantly changing to better serve their patrons, and Spacesaver is proud to help.

Nearly fifteen years after Spacesaver installed shelving throughout Seattle’s Central Library, library staff noticed that patrons wanted computer kiosks in the stacks. They asked the local Spacesaver consultant to help find a way to power computer monitors and create a convenient station for patrons to stash their books.

Library End Cap Computer Screen

Improving security in a high school locker room

A secure, durable option for sports programs

A Wisconsin high school needed to renovate its locker room to create a more secure and organized space for student athletes. The school’s “budget” lockers were damaged to the point that they were no longer secure, and school officials were dealing with theft complaints at least once a week.

The school wanted to invest in more durable lockers so coaches could focus on developing athletes rather than investigating thefts.

Custom Athletic Lockers 2Custom Athletic Lockers 4Custom Athletic Lockers 3Custom Athletic Lockers


Helping a high school’s JROTC youth development program

The JROTC is the U.S. Department of Defense’s largest youth development program, with more than 300,000 cadets enrolled in approximately 1,700 high schools throughout the United States.

Each cadet needs supplies, equipment, and uniforms, and these items must be kept clean and organized to prevent loss or damage.

Like many schools, the Virginia high school pictured here didn’t have enough storage space to accommodate all these items. Gear was stored in several different areas and it took a long time for instructors and cadets to find what they needed.

Uniform & Supply Storagehotel-pick-station-bulk-storage-spacesaverresort-hotel-laundry-room-storage-spacesaving-efficientcleaning-supplies-storage-hotel-restaurant-resort

Modula VLM – Earnhardt Lexus

E LexusModula’s VLM solution for Earnhardt Lexus


The automotive parts used for vehicle repairs as well as for retail sales to clients were stored in traditional shelving and on multiple levels to accommodate the volume of parts needed to serve their clients. Parts persons had to walk and search for the needed parts each time an order was placed, including having to go to an upstairs level on a mezzanine to access parts, the previous parts storage area was large and Earnhardt required a much better storage solution as their business grows and as they moved to their new dealership in Phoenix.


Modula was selected by Earnhardt to supply the primary parts storage technology for their new state-of-the art dealership in Phoenix. After Modula completed a detailed assessment of Earnhardt’s storage needs at their previous Scottsdale location, a solution was proposed to meet Earnhardt Lexus’s storage needs.

A Modula LIFT MC50D VLM unit was implemented at Earnhardt’s new Lexus dealership in 2016. They are storing parts from an area more than 921.4 Sq. Ft in less than 99.5 Sq. Ft. E Lexus Front View

Earnhardt Lexus