Modula VLM – Earnhardt Lexus

E LexusModula’s VLM solution for Earnhardt Lexus


The automotive parts used for vehicle repairs as well as for retail sales to clients were stored in traditional shelving and on multiple levels to accommodate the volume of parts needed to serve their clients. Parts persons had to walk and search for the needed parts each time an order was placed, including having to go to an upstairs level on a mezzanine to access parts, the previous parts storage area was large and Earnhardt required a much better storage solution as their business grows and as they moved to their new dealership in Phoenix.


Modula was selected by Earnhardt to supply the primary parts storage technology for their new state-of-the art dealership in Phoenix. After Modula completed a detailed assessment of Earnhardt’s storage needs at their previous Scottsdale location, a solution was proposed to meet Earnhardt Lexus’s storage needs.

A Modula LIFT MC50D VLM unit was implemented at Earnhardt’s new Lexus dealership in 2016. They are storing parts from an area more than 921.4 Sq. Ft in less than 99.5 Sq. Ft. E Lexus Front View

Earnhardt Lexus