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Ventilated 4-Post ‘Cabinets’ for Science Labs

Ventilated 4-Post ‘Cabinets’ for Science Labs
Keeping a university’s chemical supplies organized and secure

Colleges and universities need to store a variety of chemicals for use in lab classes and faculty research. Because such chemicals can be hazardous, they must be kept secure to prevent unauthorized access and they need to be stored in a well-ventilated location to prevent the accumulation of fumes.

Illinois State University had been storing chemicals in a locked storeroom, but the room was becoming overcrowded. Faculty and staff asked the local Spacesaver consultant to design a new storage solution that would increase storage capacity, promote ventilation and security, and allow them to see items in storage.

Ventilated 4 Post Cabinets

Updated: August 17, 2018 — 9:43 am
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