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Public Safety Storage Checklist #11: Tactical Storage for SWAT

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Tactical Storage for SWAT

Police departments with a tactical squad know that when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. The stuff they need to bring with them needs to be in the right location and easy to grab – with no searching or retrieving involved. At the same time, SWAT gear is among the most expensive at a police department, so police departments are concerned with making sure it’s protected from damage, loss, or even theft. So how do you balance accessibility with security? There are a few options.

“Locker” Cubbies

One option is to use 4-post shelving to create locker-style cubbies in a locked room for your Police Department. The open shelving means it’s quick and easy to grab items when it’s time to go, and also means you can do a quick visual inventory. It also keeps items organized by individual so all gear is in one spot and each item has its place – a hanger bar for clothing, a top cubby for headgear, a lower shelf for boots, etc.

Public Safety CubbiesThe key consideration is whether or not you have a locked room in which to place this style of storage, as the only way to secure gear is to secure the room. Cubbies are also a great option for items like shields and helmets.






Doorless Freestyle Lockers

Another option is to use classic wardrobe lockers like our Freestyle Lockers – but without doors.

Public Safety Freestyle Lockers

This method gives you all the same features and convenience of lockers you’re familiar with, but without the extra time needed to unlock when it’s time to roll. Ideally, this solution would also be used with a locked room for security.

Public Safety Gear Lockers

Traditional Gear Lockers or Hallway Lockers

If you don’t have a way to lock the room or don’t have a room for your tactical gear at all, traditional lockers or a bank of smaller hallway lockers are another way to store your gear.

These keep gear organized and secure, and by keeping gear bags in a hallway, they’re more quickly accessible when needed.


Updated: October 13, 2017 — 10:32 am
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