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OnePick – The Evolution of the Vertical Lift Module

Modula OnePick front viewThe Most Accurate, Secure and Safe picking system in the VLM’s market.


Reach each item with accuracy, security and precision.

Tailored for your needs as:

  • An Automated picking/replenishment unit
  • A vending machine
  • A restricted access picking work station
  • A dual system combing a standard vertical lift and a selective picking all at once

The Vertical Lift Module’s technology + A new sophisticated automated system for the picking & replenishment of a single product at a time.


  • OnePick may be utilized as a fully automated system. Product can be picked and replenished in a fully automated way in combination with delivery and takeaway conveyors.
  • Operators request an item and the OnePick retrieves that item and places it in a retrieval location in the secure delivery window.
  • OnePick can be used as a standard Vertical Lift with access to all product from a full tray or as a restricted access single pick device via OnePick. The advantages of two systems combined into the same dynamic machine. 

OnepickOnePick - delivery window


Updated: August 31, 2017 — 3:19 pm
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